Travel to connect with our future. Germany, our home.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Embarking on a journey into wine countries has been a hobby for as long as I could drink (legally). What started as a fascination in my Moms basement, has led to a career. Committed to wine, spirits and the cultures of service, hospitality, wine, and spirits.

I am endlessly lucky. Having made many trips before into the vines of the “New” and “Old” world before. This time it is different. I am going with my fiance She is as much a wine geek as I am. She is German. So we decided that we were in a unique space to be able to immerse ourselves into the wine and spirits cultures of Germany, while I am still a novice with the language.

Travel Rheingau 2014'
Tanja & Philippe – Rheingau 2014′

The travel will have us visiting the Rheingau, MoselBaden and Wuttermberg. In 15 days…Along with Hamburg, Koln, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart and Paderborn.

18 hours of flights, 18 hours of driving and nights in four of the most amazing wine regions in Germany, along with some picturesque cities.

Follow along on Instagram where we will be talking to Winemakers, distillers, Sommeliers and bartenders in each place.

It’s not our first time in Germany together. We have wonderful friends who will be putting us up and letting us dig into their wine cellars along the way. I may even be let behind a bar or two.

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