About me

I am an Entrepreneur, Leader, Consultant, Coach, Sommelier, Writer, and not least, a Bartender.

My mantra is "Get to doing". 

For over 13 years, I have had a thirst for building the most memorable experiences. My focus has been Hospitality Brands, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Wine, and Spirits. The training to help them expedite growth. The tools to improve profitability. The systems to help them maintain success.

I have the spirit of an entrepreneur. Endlessly curious. Fiercely accountable. 

Business Educated at the University of Waterloo. Certified as a Sommelier. A passionate bartender, going as far as the National Finals for the challenges of "World Class" and "Made with Love", along with a long history balancing cocktails for my patrons and clients. 

When I’m not working, find me travelling, working my way through a great book, writing, or dining with my lovely better half.